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Water/Wastewater GPS Data Inventory and GIS Asset Management | City of American Falls
American Falls, Idaho

In 2010, Gateway Mapping (GMI) performed a complete GPS inventory of the City of American Falls’ water and sewer systems, and assisted the City with the implementation of a full GIS-based asset management system. GMI staff worked with city staff up front to formulate a data collection and mapping strategy that proved to be both efficient and effective. Water system features mapped included mainline water valves, fire hydrants, and residential valves, while sewer manholes and lift stations were mapped on the sewer collection system. After converting the GPS data in GIS format, GMI staff drew the pipe networks for both systems in GIS and attached information to the pipes including pipe length, size and type. GMI then worked with city staff to develop a maintenance history tracking structure that allowed city staff to record and access information regarding inspections, repairs and so forth directly from the GIS map. Finally, onsite GIS training was provided for city staff in order to provide the city with the capability to continue to update and maintain the GIS and associated history data.

Project Highlights Include:

  • GPS Inventory of approximately 2500 manholes, fire hydrants, valves, and water connections
  • Drawing complete sewer and water pipe networks in GIS, including service lines/laterals for both systems
  • Design of maintenance history tracking structures and reports for each type of feature on the map

Onsite GIS installation and training for city staff