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Pipeline Prioritization Plan | City of Wallace
Wallace, Idaho

The City of Wallace, Idaho, contracted with J-U-B Engineers, Inc. (J-U-B) to perform a comprehensive analysis of the City’s wastewater collection system. The goal was to rank the condition and risk level of each section of pipe throughout the city in order to prioritize projects. To accomplish this, a GIS network of the City’s sewer pipes and manholes was created as a framework for a scoring matrix. Certain properties of each pipe (age, size, material, infiltration) were ranked and given a weighting factor, after which a final score was calculated. The GIS data was used to create maps showing individual pipe properties and overall pipe priorities. This gave the project team the ability to take a comprehensive look at which pipes were in the worst condition. Upcoming road projects were also added to GIS in order to see where the City was planning to reconstruct roads. This enabled the team to create a workable list of prioritized projects. Ultimately, the City of Wallace was able to understand which projects needed immediate attention and effectively plan for the future maintenance of the City’s collection system.