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Records Management
Cemetery Records Management System | Salt Lake City Cemetery
Salt Lake City, Utah

The Salt Lake City Cemetery, located in the Avenues of Salt Lake City, Utah is the largest city-operated cemetery in the United States. It is the final resting place for over 120,000 people, including many notable figures of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Utah State Government. The first burial was recorded in September of 1847. Gateway Mapping Inc. (GMI) was retained to convert a paper system of maintaining maps and records to a digital system. GMI created a digital map of the cemetery showing every grave location. The cemetery employees reviewed the map for accuracy and completeness. Using GIS, a soon-to-be retired database of deceased information was imported into GIS software and linked to the newly created digital map. The cemetery now has greater confidence in the ability to record, retrieve, and protect valuable cemetery information.