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ArcSDE Workflow Automation Project | Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
Idaho State Office, Boise

In 2009, Gateway Mapping, Inc. (GMI) contracted with the BLM’s State office in Boise, Idaho to assist in the creation of automated workflows for their GIS data residing in SQL Server-based ArcSDE geodatabases. Working onsite with BLM staff, GMI used a planning-based approach to design, build, and implement a workflow process to update and distribute the Bureau’s GIS data. First, GMI met with BLM staff to chart out all of the information that needed to be stored in ArcSDE, who needed to update it, and who needed to use it. Next, a series of tools was designed and built using geoprocessing models and python. The models and scripts automated tasks such as daily zipping and posting of data to an ftp site for distribution and data replication from a production database to a public database. Finally, GMI trained staff on how to use and update the tools.