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Airport GIS Database | Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport
Pullman, Washington

The Pullman-Moscow Regional Airport (PMRA) was selected to participate in the second round of the FAA’s pilot program for Airports Geographic Information System (AGIS). AGIS is intended to support the upgrades that the FAA is making as part of the NextGEN air traffic control system throughout the nation and provides accurate and consistent data regarding airports across the country.

J-U-B Engineers, Inc. and Gateway Mapping, Inc. work closely with the FAA and airports to understand AGIS needs and to complete projects that meet the high standards and requirements set out by the FAA. At PMRA, the AGIS project was to complete an airport-mapping database. Much of the data collected for the database was done using field survey methods as well as aerial mapping methods. Gateway Mapping compiled the collected data and prepared it in the proper GIS format for submission to FAA’s AGIS program.

The project also included meeting high survey requirements set by NGS and providing documentation for fieldwork and progress on the project. The result was that the airport has provided information that complies with FAA standards, which will be greatly beneficial as they develop new projects and build new facilities at the airport. The airport will also benefit from the data collected and assembled in GIS format by using it as an information tool in planning and designing new projects.