Our Family of Companies

The GMI Story

Our Company: Gateway Mapping, Inc. Incorporated 1991, Orem, Utah.

Our Clients: Cities, Counties, State and Federal Agencies, Highway Districts, Special Service Districts, Private Industry, and Cemeteries.

Our Work: GIS Consulting; GIS Planning and Implementation; Infrastructure Management—water, sewer, storm drainage, irrigation, transportation, and electrical; Parcel Mapping; Training; Software Development; Web Development; Map Production; Cemetery Records Management.

Our Owners: 100% Employee Owned.

Our Core Purpose: Helping each other create better communities.

Our Values: Integrity, Balance, Comradery, Win-Win Solutions, Sustainability.

Our Affiliations: Parent Company—J-U-B Engineers, Inc.; Sister Company—The Langdon Group, Inc.

Our Mission: To provide a pathway to successful GIS implementation and use. We make GIS useful and usable.